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Aurora Wire has extensive experience with electrical wiring, from lighting and equipment installation to replica watches uk the most complex home rewiring projects.

Our skilled and licensed electricians will take care of all your home wiring needs. 

Aurora Wire is a full service electrical service company. We can help you with all your electrical needs, including your home wiring and cabling.

Considering an addition or remodeling? Give us a call at anytime and we will be happy to speak with you and provide you the best solution to fit your electrical services needs.

1.) Outlets, switches and wires. Light when and where you need it.  

2.) Air conditioning and ceiling fans. Cooling off in the comfort of your home. 

3.) Audio, video, computer and telephone cabling. Installing a new entertainment system. Adding Telephone extensions. Protecting your computer systems. Power to your home and equipment. 

4.) Electricity and water? Call us.  Appliance and Lighting in around pool or spa Security Lighting Ground Fault Interceptors (GFI) Increase Indoor and Outdoor enjoyment. 

New electrical system upgrades & circuit breaker system installation. 

If you have an old fuse box system in your house, you are probably having your life interrupted a lot of times due to the need of replacing blown fuses. More than just the inconvenience, having an old electrical system can also represent a risk to your safety. 

Today's homes require more and more electricity. Our homes are becoming high-tech with all kinds of equipment to help our daily lives. Your electrical system needs to be prepared to handle all that. 

If you are not sure what to do, please give us a call. We will schedule a complimentary electrical system review and provide you with recommendations for an electrical system upgrade that will fit rolex replica your needs and lifestyle.

You may need a new circuit breaker system installation, or you may just need additional electric capacity. Let our experienced electricians take care of your home electrical services or upgrade needs. We will always provide you with the right electric solution.

Electric panel upgrade; Code compliance and correction; Capacity upgrades; New circuits; Replacement of old fuses with modern circuit breakers; Rewiring of old circuits; Troubleshooting electrical faults; Wiring and safety evaluations. Aurora Wire can help you.

We also offer Bucket Truck Services. This is great for parking lot lighting, or whatever your needs may be. Simply contact Aurora Wire.